What Happened to Peace? Jolie Abadi

What Happened to Peace?  

Jolie Abadi, Grade 8 - Atlanta Jewish Academy

The windy morning, as quiet as can be,

Yet something took a turn inside of me.

A soaring surrender I wish I would see.

The ground shook,

And I sunk like an anchor,

On my trip to the bottom of the ocean.

My vision was blurred as I searched for an answer.

The darkness consumes us, where should we look?

A second ringing in my ears.

A second in time to fear and react.

The cries for help bring never ending tears.

My mind went blank, and my body went stun.

Do I look back or do I run?

Why must this happen here?

On the round Earth where I yearn for peace,

Will we ever get off this carousel of hostility?

Where the children are sobbing instead of loving,

On this panicked ride where I yearn for release.

I can feel the growing heat,

No matter the depths of defeat,

The fire within, for the country I love, will never be beat.

The Concrete Lane - Rebecca Lewyn
Parashat Yayelech: Walking in the Ways of Hashem


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Friday, 20 July 2018