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Day of Learning - Days of Learning are organized in memory of AJA family members. They can also be sponsored in honor of individuals or to celebrate achievements, or for any occasion. Students at Atlanta Jewish Academy dedicate their day's learning to the person for whom the Day of Learning is named.

Security Effort - Established to enhance and improve safety and security at the school.

Alumni Fund - Established for former students to support GHA programs

Annual-School Scholarship Fund - Provides additional services for students and enhances existing programs

Terri Feldman Bagen Professional Development Fund - Established to provide training for any faculty member in learning differently methodology

Ricky Birnbrey Memorial Fund - Established in memory of Ricky Birnbrey, one of the founders of GHA,  to provide for the enhancement of the Sanctuary and Klei-Kodesh (ritual adornment)

Matthew Blumenthal Memorial M'silot Fund - Established by Dr. Jerome and Elaine Blumenthal and their children, Amanda Schwartz, Daniel and Phillip Blumenthal, for the M'silot director, faculty training and specialized support materials

B'not Sherut Fund - to infuse more Israeli and Hebraic culture into GHA and to help build the Atlanta B’nei Akiva chapters.

Art DeFrancis Memorial Athletic Fund - Established in memory of Art DeFrancis by his family and friends for the GHA sports program

Early Childhood Fund - Established by Betty and Malcolm Minsk to promote Jewish education and to further the spiritual, moral, intellectual and religious education of GHA pre-school students

Stephen Eidex Memorial Fund - Established in memory of Stephen Eidex by his GHA class of 1976 alumni

David Eisenberg Memorial Performing Arts Fund - Established in memory of David Eisenberg, husband of Mickie Eisenberg, by his family and friends  to bring performances for the joy of GHA students

Eighth Grade Trip to Israel Fund - Established to provide scholarships for the Eighth Grade Trip to Israel

Dr. Ephraim and Vivian Frankel Judaic Instructional Education Fund - Established to enable GHA administrators to recruit top Jewish Studies talent by helping with costs associated with the search and interview process

Gastfriend Technology Fund - Established by Hilliard Gastfriend in memory of his parents to enable GHA to enhance technology

Eric Graiser Memorial Fund - Established in memory of Eric Graiser by his family and friends to provide educational materials for students who learn differently

Linda Gross Memorial Fund - Established jointly by Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Katz and the Alex Gross family to honor the memory of the late beloved Linda Gross, former parent and member of the GHA Board of Trustees, to provide a $500 scholarship to a rising 8th grade girl

Judaic Library Fund - Established in honor Clara and Sidney Feldman to enhance GHA's Judaic library collection

Library Fund - Established for the addition of books and media equipment for the library

Performing Arts Fund - Established to support the GHA performing arts program

Saltz-Plasker Fine Arts Enrichment Fund - Established by Susan Arnovitz Saltz and Michael Plasker to enhance and maintain the Performing Arts Center facility's lighting and sound systems

Bootsie and Jerry Siegel Memorial Scholarship Fund - Established in memory of Bootsie and Jerry Siegel, committed GHA leaders, former parents and grandparents

Russell Silver Memorial Fund - Established in memory of the son of Temi and Marvin Silver by their friends for the acquisition of objets d'arts for GHA

Teacher Enrichment Fund - Established by Dr. Kenneth Stein for advanced studies for the GHA faculty

Barbara Weinberg Memorial Fund - Established in memory of their wife and mother by Saul, Jonathan and Michael Weinberg to endow a program to bring authors to GHA

Colleen G. Weston Campus Beautification Fund - Established in honor of longtime Business Manager, Colleen G. Weston, to enhance and maintain the GHA facility

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