"We are a Family"

Greenfield Hebrew Academy is a community day school that provides an exceptional education in both General and Judaic Studies in a unique environment that reflects the richness of Jewish life and embraces the diversity of our students. Interaction among our students, teachers and parents fosters a closeness we call the "GHA Family."

Our Core Values include:

  • The unity of the Jewish people (klal yisrael)
  • Belief in God (emunah)
  • Moral and ethical behavior (derech eretz)
  • Making the world a better place (tikkun olam).
  • Our programs endorse and challenge multiple learning styles; the total development of each student is paramount. Our graduates succeed at Atlanta's finest high schools and the most esteemed universities and yeshivot.
Our Educational Offerings include:
  • General Studies consists of a rigorous curriculum which includes language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and a love for learning are major objectives. Our children are challenged to achieve their potential and then go further.
  • girlsThe Judaic teachings and practices of our school adhere to a traditional (halachic) interpretation of laws and customs. We teach the classical Jewish texts in their original languages, inspiring our students and grounding them in morals and ethics.
  • The historical and religious importance of the State of Israel is central to our teaching, programs and philosophy. Our students develop a strong connection to Israel and its people; they understand and converse in the Modern Hebrew language. We believe that the ideals and democratic principles of the United States of America are fundamental to our lives as American Jews.

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