$85,000 +       Chazon/Visionary

Jerome and Elaine Blumenthal


Henry Birnbrey

$25,000 - $84,999 Tzanchan/Paratrooper

Kathleen Daniels and
H. Hilliard Gastfriend

The Marcus Foundation, Inc.
Nicole Ellerine and A.J. Robinson

Luci and Stanley Sunshine

$10,000 - $24,999 Boneh/Builder

Dikla and George Birnbaum

Ronald and Ethel Gruen Endowed Fund for the Advancement of Secondary Jewish Education

David and Michele Hirsch

Alan Minsk and Julie Kaminsky

Helayna Minsk

Jeff and Vicki Sloan

$5,000 - $9,999 Chalutz/Pioneer

Zoya and Jack Arbiser
Auto Town Insurance-Dustin Walsey
Jamie Weisman and Victor Balaban
Camp Intown-B'nei Akiva
F&B Group, LLC
Emanuel and Stacy Fialkow
Jody and David B. Frankel


GHA Evening of the Arts
GlassRatner Management & Realty Advisors, LLC
Henry & Etta Raye Hirsch Heritage Foundation
Jason and Leanne Kaplan
Errol and Natasha Lebowitz
Aaron and Leslie Lipson
Donald and Sheila Minsk

Michael Plasker and Ellen Arnovitz
Susan Arnovitz Saltz and David Saltz
Plymstock Philanthropic Fund
Lisa and Michael Siegel
Jeff and Esti Stein
Gary and Judy Stolovitz
Georgia Commerce Bank
Young Israel of Toco Hills

 $1,800 - $4,999 Etz Chaim/Tree of Life

Harold and Dolores Arnovitz
Eliot and Phyllis Arnovitz
Chippie Alterman Charitable Trust
Jay and Mindy Cinnamon
Congregation Beth Tefillah

Moty Gabay and Jodi Fleisig Gabay
Andy and Dara Grant
Halpern Enterprises
Michael and Ann Karlin
Randall and Erica Katz
Marc and Bev Lewyn
Arthur and Shelly Lipson

Kevin and Robin McGrath
Marc Miller and Pamela Brill
Martin and Kimberly Neary
Eric and Meredith Sidewater
Siegel Insurance, Inc.
Ian and Yaarit Silverstone
The Kerri and Jeffrey Snow Family Foundation, Inc.
Scott and Chanie Steinberg
Woolfson Eye Institute

$1000 - $1799 Koach/Strength

Scott and Leslie Alterman
Glenn and Danielle Amdur
Atlanta Hall Management Inc.
Todd Beresin and Dina Fuchs
Barry and Martha Berlin
Jonathan and Caryn Berzack
Matthew and Staci Brill
Ron and Lisa Brill
Rabbi Michael and Channah Broyde
Rabbi Lee and Rachel Buckman
Cousins Properties Incorporated
Kevin and Sheila Cranman
Facility Controls Group
Murray and Marcia Goldman
Brian and Lynn Gordon
Seth and Lisa Greenberg
Julian and Deborah Isakow


Matthew and Gennye Krasner
Hillel and Yifat Levin
Jed and Kim Linsider
Serge and Daniella Ouanounou
Publix Super Markets
Ian and Carol Ratner
Paul and Zippi Reisman
Elliott and Charlotte Rich
Jay and Rachel Robins
Jeremy and Amy Rosenberg
Doug and Robyn Ross Family Foundation, Inc.
Rubin Lublin LLC
David Saltz and Susan Arnovitz Saltz
David Sarnat and Joslin LeBauer
Ideal Aluminum
Arnie Silverman

Michael and Kimberly Solomon
Alan and Wendy Solon
Jason and Karinne Stern
Louis and Bunnie Taratoot
The Argo Family Fund
The University Financing Foundation, Inc. - Tom Hall
Thomas Eye Group
Troutman Sanders LLP
Tommy and Nancy Williams
Phil and Cheryl Yagoda

$500-$999 Emet/Truth

Jake Aronov
Atlanta Investment Properties
Laurence and Terri Bagen
Robert and Martha David
Dressler's Funeral Service, LLC
Andrea Engelman
Chris and Eileen Esworthy
Henry and Roselyn Falk
Matt Gorrill and Rebekah Feingold
Daniel and Connie Frankel
Georgia Commercial Builders
Richard and Beth Gluck
Randy and Caroline Gold

Maynard and Janet Grossman
Rafael Harpaz and Elizabeth Herman
David and Ellen Herold
Darren and Marci Joel
Theodore and Ann Kaplan
Robert and Pam Kaufman
Key Worth Bank
Scott and Marilou King
Byron and Rennette Kopman
David and Jessica Kraitzick
Steven and Jennifer Linowes
Nathan Lubin
Gary and Adi Margolias
Mark and Nancy Nelkin



Orenstein Family - Milton Rauzin Memorial Philanthropic Fund
Jefferson Pace
Pace and Karen Robinson
David and Ghila Sanders
Eric and Jocelyn Schorvitz
Jeffrey and Beverly Segel
Shalom Memorial Chapels, Inc.
Daniel and Jacalyn Sosin
Margie Stern
Neill and Andrea Videlefsky
Matt Bronfman and Ronit Walker
Brent and Amy Wolkin

$100 to $499 Emunah/Faith

Peter and Kim Aaron
Eugene and Shoshana Agichtein
Judith Alembik
Peyton and Elaine Alexander
Stanley Alhadeff
Jeffrey Allen and Mimi Zieman
Howard and Reba Amdur
Mark and Dana Anderson
Shaltiel and Marlene Bachar
Jimmy Baron
Arnold and Gail Baron
Marc and Phyllis Beresin
Michael Berkowitz and Debra Bernstein
Abe and Marlene Besser
David and Robin Blass
Allan and Sheila Bleich
David and Jane Bockel
Marsha Braunstein
James Breen
Joseph and Pauline Breiner
Robert and Dara Brenner
Stuart Brooker and Pamela Weizel
Ron Brummer and Ayelet Avrahami Brummer
Michael and Karen Chen
Issy and Rebecca Cheskes
Church of Christ
Jacob and Miri Cohen
Marshall and Sheila Cohen
Gavin and Thea Cohen
Zev and Terry Cohen
Jeremy and Sarah Combs
Stuart Conrad
Christopher and Gila Decker
Donald & Celia Gilner Philanthropic Fund
Solomon and Terri Eisenberg
Joel and Suzanne Eisenberg
Ron and Romi Elkounovitch
Don and Betty Engelberg
Simon and Rachael Engler
Amir Farokhi
Michael and Jody Feldman
Robin Feldman
Adele Feldman
Michael and Violetta Felgin
Stanley and Judy Fineman
Paul and Teresa Finer
Julie Flory
Robert and Sara Franco
Tal and Pia Frank
Steve and Susan Freedman
Mark and Lisa Friedman
Roz Fuchs
Ronen and Elayne Gabbai
Raanon and Erica Gal
Ronald and Nancy Galanti
Scott and Lynne Galanti
Bruce and Shelley Gaynes
Pamela Geller
Catherine Gentile
Bunny Gerson
Marty Gerson and Karen Perell-Gerson
GHA Sunshine Fund
Hillel Glazer and Ellie Schainker
Joel Gluck
Rabbi Brian Glusman and Dr. Laurie Glusman
Samuel and Julie Gold
Larry and Margo Gold
Marc and Carlyn Goldin
Joan Goldman
Martin and Doris Goldstein

Jonathan and Galya Greenberg
Jack and Lala Greene
Jason and Carey Guggenheim
Michael and Anna Gutkin



Cheryl Haas
Martin and Lisa Halpern
Kirk and Lori Halpern
Richard and Robin Halpern
Rany Hampton
Stephen Harmon
Guy and Jennifer Harris
Saeed and Araceli Hatami
Harry Heiman and Abby Friedman
Chaim Hellmann and Janice Convoy-Hellmann
IAG Forensics - George Dyke
Richard and Marcia Jacobson
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Nehemia and Liat Kadosh
Carole Kaminsky
Nancy Kassel
Suzanne Katz
Richard Katz Family Foundation
Adam and Kathryn Kay
Wayne and Mayleen Keyser
Kevin and Claire King
Cary and Sherry King
William & Barbara Klineman Philanthropic Fund
Maoz and Pam Kochav
Jacob Kornman and Sandy Linver
Douglas and Debbie Kuniansky
Steven Kushner
David Kusiel
Leonid and Valeriie Kutikov
Davi and Renee Kutner
Stuart and Wendy Leaf
Morris and Renee Lebowitz
Michael and Bette Lefkove
Adam and Vanessa Leibowitz
Lawrence and Kay Leibowitz
Harry and Emily Lembeck
Rick and Gay Lenner
Linda Lesack
Rabbi Marshall Lesack and Dr. Roseanne Lesack
Robert and Michele Leven
Darryl and Lindsay Lewis
Joel Libowsky
Matthew Lieberman
Rosemary Linsider
Alan and Lisa Lubel
Hugh and Jill Mainzer
Yom Tov Maman and Deborah Diamond
Robert Marcovitch and Elise Eplan
The Marcus Jewish Community Center
Sol and Hazel Margolias
Malcolm and Betty Minsk
Irina Mogilevsky
Ronen and Smadar Mordoch
Mark and Barbara Murovitz
Nelnet Business Solutions
Marla Netzel
Aaron and Stefani Newman
Hilton and Gail Nowitz
Paul and Rebecca Oberman
Carolyn Halpern Oppenheimer Philanthropic Fund
Josh Osbourne
Enzo and Claudia Ottolenghi
Mario and Lynn Oves
Joseph and Darcy Oxman
Benjamin and Deena Pargman
David and Marsha Pargman
Jeffrey and Heather Pearlman
David and Eileen Price
Professional Document Services
Barry Rabinowitz and Deborah Derby
Danny and Tracey Rabinowitz
Michael and Sheryl Rechtman
Janet Roberts
Howard and Kate Robins
Shai and Judy Robkin
Jane Rosenberg
Rabbi Laurence and Brooke Rosenthal



Robert M. Rosner and Associates
Beth Rosner
Joseph and Wendy Rosner
Bruce and Adina Rudisch
Teddy Sable
Gershon Sageev
Alan and Sandy Saltzman
Leonard and Ellen Samet
David Sarif and Amy Levine
Jeremy and Stefanie Sarnat
Bruce and Sheryl Schainker
David and Dawn Schakett
Howard and Stacey Scher
Peter and Kelly Schiffer
Jeremy and Monica Schulman
Bruce Schwartz and Rochelle Roth
Marc Segel
Barry and Rona Seidel
Gary and Tessa Shaban
Anthony and Tracy Shapiro
Brian Shemaria
Mark Shemaria
Harvey and Barbara Shifrin
Mona Shuman
Andy Siegel and Caryn Hanrahan
Mikhael and Marina Sirota
William and Serena Skwersky
Howie Slomka and Andrea Seidel Slomka
Adam Slutzky
Joel and Natalie Sokol
Anthony and Merle Solomon
Ellen Stein
Stanley and Marilyn Steinberg
Paul and Sara Steinfeld
Bruce Stiftel and Janet Kodras
Alvin and Ann Stillman
Rabbi Donald and Marilyn Tam
Richard and Pamela Tinter
Tri-Tech Roofing and Coatings, Inc.
Gary Unell
Ronald and Madeline Urken
Sorin and Sophie Vainer
Daniel and Sari Wachtel
Samuel and Angela Weiland
Sara Weinberg
Evan and Nancy Weisman
Colleen Weston
White Elm Group - Marc Effron
Larry and Sheila Wilensky
Robert & Ava Wilensky Philanthropic Fund
Michael Wilensky
Alan Wise
Sylvain and Susan Youna
Steven and Ilene Zier
Ben Zinn


$1 - $99 Shalom/Peace

Arthur and Barbara Abbey
Richard and Cathy Abram
Cindie Alter
Aaron and Jeannine Alt
Jerry and Nancy Banks
Stanley and Louise Baum
Lawrence and Shari Bayer
Malvina Bechor
Helen Benkel
Harold and Sally Berger
Aviva Berman
Melvin and Ann Berss
Sam and Debby Bettsak
James Blanc
Jeffrey and Diane Bland
Rachael Blatt
Jeffrey Bloom
Arthur and Rita Bodner
Laurie Botstein
Richard and Linda Bressler
Lindsey and Judy Brown
Alan and Terrie Bryan
Aaron and Miriam Cann
Rachelle Capes
Fredric and Rita Chaiken
David and Hallie Chasen
Roy and Renee Cobb
Jay and Sandy Coffsky
Alan and Barbara Cohen
Arthur and Lois Cohen
Marvin and Sandy Cohen
Dalan and Amy Cohen
Edwin and Rebecca Combs
Rabbi Mordechai and Ilana Danneman
Michael and Karen Davidson
Richard and Ruth Derby
Matthew Zaidel and Stephanie Dern
Jeff Dils
Yori and Sima Dori
Benjamin and Yafa Dosetareh
Sam and Harriet Draluck
Benjamin Dubovsky
Gil and Nancy Dugan
Evelyn DuVal
Sarah Duwell
Larry and Susan Ellison
Scott Englehardt
Ann Esposito
Lewis and LuEllen Feldman
Betty Fendrick
Deborah Fernhoff
Robert and Patricia Fine
Michael Finocchio
Inessa Fishman
Rabbi Yaakov and Hannah Fleshel
Melvin and Moira Frank
Gavin and Michal Frank
Sandra Frankel
Rabbi Daniel and Rivka Freitag
Fuego Mundo
Michael Gadelov and Angela Shalamova
Michael and Judith Garber
Elliot and Peggy Gartner
Herbert and Marlene Gerson
Barry and Melisa Getzow
Norman and Rivka Ginsparg
David and Debra Goldschmidt
Eric Goldstein
Paul and Ellen Goldstein
Adina Goodman
Jacqueline Granath
Adrian and Ilene Grant
Sam and Renee Green

Ethan and Victoria Greenberg
Gil and Klara Grodzinsky
Steven and Shauna Grosswald
Christine Gustafson
Steven and Renee Haas
Sandy and Deborah Hartman
David and Joan Herskovits
Trevor and Stacey Horwitz
Tom Hurley
Joel and Nancy Isenberg
Richard and Betty Isenberg
Nancy Isenberg
Elisa Ellman
Ruth Jaffy
Meyer and Carol Janet
Judith Jarecki
Jewish Early Childhood Council
Seth and Sheila Jutan
Ron and Renana Kadden
Joel and Jane Kamer
Philip Kanter and Brenda Shoenig
Charles and Sandra Kaplan
Regina Karp
Rabbi Hayyim Kassorla and Dr. Michelle Kassorla
Monica Katz
Scott Kenith and Shelley Gerson
Robert Killip and Rabbi Avi Killip
Virginia Kinchen
Ronald and Lori Kirschner
Jerry Kirzner and Leah Ann Kleinfeldt
James Knoll
Gary Knopf
Jerry and Phyllis Kraft
Robert and Sue Lasalle
Sylvia LaVine
Roy and Sherron Lazarus
Michael and Bobbie Leff
Michael and Andrea Leven
Kenneth and Dale Levenstiem
Raphael and Ellen Levine
Michael Levison
Daniel Levison
Ronald Lipsitz
William and Patsy Little
John and Roberta Magnasco
Glenn and Deborah Maron
Edward Martin
Michael Marx
Morris and Amy Maslia
Barry and Pamela Mason
Steve Massell
Charles Mead
Geoffrey and Elana Menkowitz
Charles and Janet Meyer
Scott Meyer
Assia Miller
Linda Miller
Paul and Meta Miller
David and Glenda Minkin
Jonathan and Michelle Mittleman
Howard and Laurie Moses
Emmanuel and Adina Moss
Joel and Ellen Moss
Joel and Andrea Murovitz
Rhoda Nichaman
Roben and Fay Nooriel
Reide Onley
Stephen and Gail Palte
Wendy Parker
Simcha Pearl and Elana Zimand
Alan and Nancy Pearlman
Howard and Claire Peck
Rosalind Perell
Michelle Pierson
Mac Plumart
Zane and Nancy Pollard
Martin and Barbara Pollock
Irvin and Linda Rabinowitz
Derric and Victoria Raggs

Hugh and Ann Rawn
Jim Reed
Donald Reeves
Martin and Ralda Reish
Laurie Reiskind
Jennifer Reyes
Eugene Rice
Colin and Maureen Richman
Harry and Jean Robbins
Amy Robinowitz
Jay Robins
Ethan Robinson
Nathanial Robinson
Debbie Rochester
Jonathan and Amy Rolnick
Jack and Rachael Rosenberg
Sylvia Rosenberg
Ari Rosner and Rachel Stein
David and Susan Rosner
Arnold and Judy Rubenstein
Glen and Stacie Rubin
Daniel and Dana Russotto
Harvey and Jacquie Sacks
David Schaeffer
Arnold and Marcy Schneider
Ron and Fredell Schwartz
Jonathan and Beth Seidel
Rabbi Zvi and Chana Shapiro
Ohad and Sharon Shatil
Zalman and Leah Shifrin
Sheldon and Lisa Shore
Rabbi Russ and Esther Shulkes
Irma Shulman-Weiner
Eileen Shuman
David Siegel
Irwin and Faye Siegel
Elihu Siegman and Nancy Sokolove
Arthur and Carla Silver
Louis and Megan Sinagoga
Betty Siner
Clive and Sandy Slovin
Adon Solomon
Jaron Solomon
Joan Solomon
Jay and Rhena Spector
Barry and Rosalind Spector
Tom Spetalnick
Rabbi Adam Starr and Talya Gorsetman
Jeffrey and Judith Steinberg
Steven and Holly Strelzik
Robert and Deanna Strickland
Rabbi Alvin and Barbara Sugarman
Cary Sullivan
Temple Sinai
Stanley and Shirley Tenenbaum
Susan Tepper
Nathan and Jeanette Tieman
Darren and Lana Tobin
Adam Newton and Miriam Udel
Tom and Nancy Ulbricht
Marc and Kim Urbach
Aaron and Beth Valenta
Stanley and Dena Vogel
Nir and Tamar Wainstock
Josh and Rachel Wallenstein
Scott Walsey
Steve and Mitzi Waronker
George and Sherrie Warsaw
Allan and Marilyn Wasserman
David Weinberg
Adee and Ilana Weismark
Howard Wexler
Jack and Pamela Williams
Joseph and Jessica Wilson
Rabbi Marc and Linda Wilson
Roslyn Winston
Ofra Yeglin
Lauren Zimet
Warren and Elyse Zindler
Dean Zindler



Ramin and Sharona Asherian
Avi and Yaira Auz
Myra Brill
Richard and Janet Brody
Jason and Rebecca Butcher
Lee and Edye Cohen
Steven and Tami Cohen
Todd and Michele Cohen
Bonnie Cook
Steve and Robyn Cooper
Robert and Kathy Eisenband
Penny Eisenstein
Samuel and Sheli Feldman
Barry and Vicki Flink
Scott Forbus
David and Cheryl Friedlander
Christine Gleklen
Larry and Stella Gordon
Joey and Carla Hotz
Craig and Beth Inro
Betzalel and Elisheva Johns


Kyle and Crystal Johnson
Samuel and Luanne Johnson
Larry and Judy Kaminsky
Joseph Barnet and Marci Kaplan
Rabbi Aaron Karp
Adam and Jennifer Klein
Daniel and Devi Knapp
Sherwin and Liora Krug
Rabbi Mark and Cheryl Kunis
Stuart and Michelle Langer
Felice Lefkove
Anat Levi
Helane Levy
Rabbi Eric and Leah Levy
Johannes and Susan Loubser
Robin Maginsky
Matthew and Diane Marks
Sylvia Miller
Mordechai and Goly Nafisi
Carla Nixon
Bahram Panbehchi and Farahnaz Lalehazarzaeh
H. and Marjorie Pierre
Jami Rechtman
Goldie Robinson
Rabbi Israel and Susan Robinson


Mark and Phyllis Rosenthal
Robert and Jill Rosner
Jeffrey and Jessica Sacks
Franeen Sarif
Daniel and Miriam Saul
Jonathan and Suzanne Sears
Zvika and Hilly Simchony
Gail Skolsky
Andrea Smith
Mark and Shari Sokol
Jeffrey and Anita Stein
Rabbi Samuel Strauss
Chaundra Suddith
Harold and Leah Summers
Barry and Judith Swartz
Fred Spring and Debra Tenenbaum
David and Sarah Topper
Arn Rubinoff and Renee Treisman
Helen Tritschler
Rabbi Lewis and Evie Weinreich
David and Dona Wise
Batya Yosefi
Jennifer Zindler
Steve Zisser
Oded and Aileen Zyssman



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