2012 - 2013 Honor Roll

$125,000 +

Sheila and Allan Bleich
(The Estate of Jack Bleich z"l)
Barbara Kaufman
AnnRita Hader and Jerry Siegel z"l

$25,000 - $124,999

Elaine and Jerry Blumenthal
Kathleen Daniels and
H. Hilliard Gastfriend

The Marcus Foundation, Inc.
Nicole Ellerine and A.J. Robinson

Vicky and Jeff Sloan
Luci and Stanley SunshineA

$10,000 - $24,999:

Dikla and George Birnbaum
Ron and Lisa Brill Charitable Trust
Tina and Richard Buchman
Covenant Foundation

F & B Group LLC
Frank Family Foundation, Inc.
Shauna and Steven Grosswald
Jewish Funders Network
Ann and Michael Karlin

Betty and Malcolm Minsk
Yaarit and Ian Silverstone
Esti and Jeffrey Stein
United Group Underwriters, Inc.
Jennifer and Dustin Walsey

$5,000 - $9,999

Zoya and Jack Arbiser
Ellen Arnovitz and Michael Plasker
Atlantic Trust
Jamie Weisman and Victor Balaban
Shirlye and Henry Birnbrey
Mindy and Jay Cinnamon
For All Occasions and More


Jody and David B. Frankel
The Henry and Etta Raye Hirsch Heritage Foundation
Michele and David Hirsch
Sheila and Seth Jutan
Leanne and Jason Kaplan
Natasha and Errol Lebowitz
Julie Kaminsky and Alan Minsk
Sheila and Donald Minsk
Carol and Ian Ratner
Susan Arnovitz Saltz and David Saltz
Sam P. Alterman Family Foundation
Lisa and Michael Siegel
Marilyn and Mickey Steinberg
Cary Sullivan

 $1,000 - $4,999

Leslie and Scott Alterman
Danielle and Glenn Amdur
Caryn and Jonathan Berzack
Channah and Rabbi Michael Broyde
Lisa and Andrew Burnett
Miriam and Aaron Cann
Renee and Roy Cobb
Thea and Gavin Cohen
Sheila and Marshall Cohen
Sheila and Kevin Cranman
Matt Davis
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Facility Controls Group
Rebekah Feingold
Debby and Alan Fialkow
Sandra Frankel
Jodi Fleisig Gabay and Moti Gabay
Goldman Family Philanthropic Fund
Judy and Daniel Goodman
Lynn and Brian Gordon
Dara and Andy Grant
Lala and Jack Greene
Mark Hackner


Andrew Hall
Lynne and Jack Halpern
Irene Jacobs
Erica and Randall Katz
Richard Katz Family Foundation
Judy and Marty Kogon
Mark D. Kopkin
Gennye and Matthew Krasner
Steven Kushner
Bobbie and Michael Leff
Yifat and Hillel Levin
Bev and Marc Lewyn
Michael E. Lewyn
Jennifer and Steven Linowes
Leslie and Aaron Lipson
Robin and Kevin McGrath
Helayna Minsk
Kimberly and Martin Neary
Daniella and Serge Ouanounou
Julie and Mitchell Paull
Eileen and David Price
Zippi and Paul Reisman
Maureen and Colin Richman
Rachel and Jay Robins
Amy and Jeremy Rosenberg
Kellee and Chad Rosenberg
Louise and Edwin Rothberg
Stacie and Glen Rubin
Kelly and Maurice Salama
Joslin and David Sarnat
Beth and Eric Shapiro
Joy and Steve Shavitz
Meredith and Eric Sidewater
Caryn Hanrahan and Andy Siegel
Michelle Shapiro Smith
Kerry and Marvin Solomiany
Wendy and Alan Solon
Jacalyn and Daniel Sosin
Chanie and Scott Steinberg
Karinne and Jason Stern
Margie and George Stern
Judy and Gary Stolovitz
The Service Forte
Gary Unell
Amy and Brent Wolkin
Jonathan Woolfson
Cheryl and Phil Yagoda
Young Israel of Toco Hills
Vivian and Barry Zisholtz

$500 - $999

Terri and Dion Abadi
Ahavath Achim Synagogue
Dolores and Harold Arnovitz
Terri and Laury Bagen
Dina Fuchs and Todd Beresin
Martha and Barry Berlin
David Cherry
Justine and Andre Cohen
James Conway
Kay and David Dempsey
Jay Dermer
Devorah and Charles Diener
Dressler's Jewish Funeral Care
Marc Effron
Andrea Engelman
Eileen and Chris Esworthy
Monty L. Faidley
Stacy G. and Emanuel Fialkow
Barbara and Bryan Fields
Connie and Daniel Frankel

Florie and Danny Glusman
Caroline and Randy Gold
Ilene and Adrian Grant
Gray, Rust, St. Amand, Moffett & Brieske
Alisa and Arthur Haber
Lori and Kirk Halpern
Elizabeth Herman and Rafael Harpaz
Jennifer and Guy Harris
Deborah and Louis Jacobs
Kusiel Kaplan
Ann and Theodore Kaplan
Pam and Robert Kaufmann
Marilou and Scott King
Pam and Maoz Kochav
Monica and Brian Krachman
Sheri and Steven Labovitz
Kevin D. Leff
Berna and Noah Levine
Lindsay and Darryl Lewis

Kim and Jed Linsider
Sherry and Harry Maziar
McGee Perry LLP
Nancy and Mark Nelkin
Stephen Oppenheimer
Orenstein Family - Milton Rauzin Memorial Philanthropic Fund
Jefferson Pace
Publix Super Markets
Elizabeth and Tony Reynolds
Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC
Kate and Howard Robins
Howard Rogers
Ghila and David Sanders
Eric Shapiro
Melissa and Don Sklar
Kimberly and Michael Solomon
Cathy and Richard Swerdlin
Louis J. Taratoot Family Philanthropic Fund
Sherri and Robert Wildstein
Yeshiva Atlanta

$100 to $499:

Shoshana Dayanim and Eugene Agichtein
Judy and Aaron Alembik
Stanley Alhadeff
Meredith and Jon Alin
Pat Anagnostakis
Kevin Arnovitz
Wendy and Harold Asher
Atlanta General Contracting II, Inc.
Marlene and Shaltiel Bachar
Stephanie Cohen and Scott Bader
Sandra and Clive Bank
Sidney Barr
Sandy and Larry Baumwald
Cori and Steve Baustin
Phyllis and Marc Beresin
Debra Bernstein and Michael Berkowitz
Rebecca and Brent Bernath
Rashelle and Jeremy Berry
Anne R. Birnbaum
Karen and David Birnbrey
Jonathan Birnbrey
JoAnne and Edmund Birnbrey
Derrick Black
Michael Blanchar
Diane and Jeffrey Bland
Rachael Blatt
Jeffrey Bloom
Rachel and Philip Blumenthal
Anna Maria and Rudolph Bonaparte
Tammy Bregman
Pauline and Joseph Breiner
Robin and Yaron Brill
Judy and Lindsey Brown
Cindy and Gil Burstiner
Tony Cannata
Scott  Chatham
Rebecca and Issy Cheskes
Anne and Michael Chorches
Melinda and Gavin Cobb
Miri and Jacob Cohen
Terry and Zev Cohen
Martha and Robert David
Scott DeCrispino
Steve Dimitrious
Sara and Marshall Duke
Gabrielle and Noah Duke
Anita and Maxwell Eidex
Kathy and Robert Eisenband
Sugar and Scott Eisenberg
Betty and Don Engelberg
Scott Englehardt
Suzanne and Arnold Eves
Roselyn and Henry Falk
Josh Feingold
Violetta and Michael Felgin
Julie Flory
Pia and Tal Frank
Rabbi Adam Frank
Viki and Paul Freeman
Adam W. Freeman
Sasha Friedman
Elizabeth Gallo
Celia and Donald Gilner
Bruce Glassman
Ellie Schainker and Hillel Glazer
Shirley Glickman
Beth and Richard Gluck
Laurie and Rabbi Brian Glusman
Juliet Asher and Michael Golden
Carlyn and Marc Goldin
Debra and David Goldschmidt


Eric Goldstein
Wendy and Dan Granot
Galya and Jonathan Greenberg
Scott Greene
Cheryl Haas
Rosalind and Phillip Haber
Judi and Ken Halperin
Lisa and Martin Halpern
Araceli and Saeed Hatami
Mazal and Issak Hayut
Janice and Chaim Hellmann
Ellen and David Herold
Livia and Gary Hertz
Scott Horowitz
Scott Hutchison
Marcia and Richard Jacobson
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Brian Kahn
Miriam Karp
Arlene and Lee Katz
Amy and Mitchell Kaye
Shelley Gerson and Scott Kenith
Claire and Kevin King
Stephen Klee
Marcea and Kenneth Kligman
Elaine and Alan Kolodkin
Carol and Jeffrey Koplan
Jacob Kornman
Wendy and Les Kraitzick
Kulbersh Women's Center, LLC
Douglas Kuniansky
David Kusiel
Valerie and Leonid Kutikov
Renee and Davi Kutner
Diane and Ian Kutner
Wendy and Stuart Leaf
Roseanne and Rabbi Marshall Lesack
Eve and David Levine
Daniel M. Levison
Alan Lewis
Brenda and Mark Lichtenstein
Matthew A. Lieberman
Rosemary Linsider
Lisa and Alan Lubel
Robin and David Lubin
Jamie and Jonathan Lyons
Jill Jarecki-Mainzer and Hugh Mainzer
Deborah Diamond and Yom Tov Maman
Donna Marcus
The Marcus Jewish Community Center
Don Mazursky
Valerie McClellan
MLK Day 5K
Keith Moore
Smadar and Ronen Mordoch
Laurie and Howard Moses
Barbara and Mark Murovitz
Nelnet Business Solutions
Adina and Kenneth Neufeld
Stefani and Aaron Newman
Fay and Roben Nooriel
Jessica and Chris Oberkfell
Rebecca and Paul Oberman
Carolyn H. Oppenheimer
Darcy and Joseph Oxman
Jennifer Gold and Sabetay Palatchi
Deena and Benjamin Pargman
Heather and Jeffrey Pearlman
Bruce Peddle
Joel Piassick
Barbara and Martin Pollock
Jeannie and Mendel Posner

Lisa and Hal Rabinowitz
Tracey and Danny Rabinowitz
Deborah Derby and Barry Rabinowitz
Brenda Raymon
Reisman Family Philanthropic Fund
Denise and Frank Rindsberg
Samra and Ronald Robbins
Jean and Harry Robbins
Judy and Shai Robkin
Michele and Joseph Romano
Ronald Glass Family Philanthropic Fund
Beth Rosner
John Rothermel
Adina and Bruce Rudisch
Clara and Mark Safra
Sandy and Alan Saltzman
Louise and Brett Samsky
Martha and Paul Sanders
Stefani and Jeremy Sarnat
Linda and William Schaeffer
Dawn and David Schakett
Linda and Abe Schear
Jocelyn and Eric Schorvitz
Monica and Jeremy Schulman
Judy and Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg
Debra and Rabbi Don Seeman
Rona and Barry Seidel
Tracy and Anthony Shapiro
Brian Shemaria
Mark L. Shemaria
Mona and Gerald Shuman
Tobyanne and Arnold Sidman
Gil C. Simonds
Marina and Mikhael Sirota
Jill and Ivan Sisselman
Lena Sisselman
Kimberly and Louis Sloan
Andrea Seidel Slomka and Howard Slomka
Adam Slutzky
Lisa and Alan Smirin
Sara and Cal Smith
Stacy and Howard Snapper
Garry T. Sobel
Natalie and Joel Sokol
Karen and Alan Stein
Sara and Paul Steinfeld
Randi and William Steuer
Aaron Suzuki
Darren Tobin
Cara and Shaun Traub
Tri-Tech Roofing and Coatings, Inc.
Andrew Troop
Maddy and Ronald Urken
Utica National Insurance Group
Judith and Paul Vettori
Andrea and Neill Videlefsky
Sari and Daniel Wachtel
Rachel and Josh Wallenstein
Mitzi and Steve Waronker
Stewart Weinhoff
Milton Weinman
Eric Weiss
Colleen Weston
Deborah and J. Paul Whitehead
Ava and Robert Wilensky
Kevin Wilensky
Michael Wilensky
William & Barbara Klineman Philanthropic Fund
Ray Williams
Jessica and Joseph Wilson
Leah and Aubrey Wolf
Ben T. Zinn

$1 - $99

Beverly and Stewart Aaron
Barbara and Arthur Abbey
Courtney and Anthony Accorsi
Donna and Jason Adler
Helen and Edwin Albright
Gerald Almand
Jeannine and Aaron Altmann
Dana and Mark Anderson
Andi and David Arnovitz
Irene Aronin
Robert Arotsky
Geraldine Ashkenazie
Andrew Askinas
Alisa and Scott Austin
Carolyn and Robert Axt
Marlene and Neal Bach
Lee M. Bagel
Sherry Bagel
Martin Baratz
Michelle and Gerald Baron
Terry Bassner
Shari and Lawrence Bayer
Vicky and Gerald Benjamin
Joyce Berger
Candy and Stephen Berman
Gary Bernson
Lisa Bernstein
Heleen and Arnold Berry
Paula and Jerome Bland
Trudie Bohm
Joan Bregman
Jeri Breiner and David Joel
Dara and Robert Brenner
Felice and Richard Brenner
Howard Brenowitz
Linda and Richard Bressler
Staci and Matt Brill
Shawn Brogdon
Maureen and Phil Brook
Ilan Buckman
Yonatan Buckman
Adele and Alan Burnham
Tony Cameron
Michael Cantor
Rita and Fredric Chaiken
Hallie and David Chasen
Karen and Michael Chen
Adrienne and Zachary Clark
Sandy and Jay Coffsky
Elizabeth and Murray Cohen
Annie and Maurice Cohen
Sandy and Marvin Cohen
Carole and Jerald Cohen
Caryl and Howard Cohen
Stuart Conrad
Sally and Samuel Coolik
Shelley and Neil Cooper
Merel and Jerard Cranman
Tina and Les Currie
Elizabeth Dahms
Ilana and Rabbi Mordechai Danneman
DB Pargman Consulting, LLC
Cindy and Jordan Dern
Stephanie Dern and Matthew Zaidel  
Wayne Dewitt
Pearl Diamond
Jill and Ivan Diamond
Margo and Douglas Diamond
Sima and Yori Dori
Yafa and Benjamin Dosetareh
Enid and Jerry Draluck
Sam and Edward Dressler
Sarah Duwell
Duncan Edwards
Louise and Gerald Epstein
Faye and Abe Esral
LuEllen and Lewis Feldman
Robin G. Feldman
Loryn and Ryan Franco
Sarah and Moshe Frank
Ethne Freedberg
Nancy and Wayne Freedman
Rivka and Rabbi Daniel Freitag
Lisa and Mark Friedman
Sydelle and David Friedman
Lorie Lewis and Les Fuchs
Elayne and Ronen Gabbai
Erica and Raanon Gal
Amy and Jason Garbis
Sara Gard
Bruce S. Gartner
Gerry Gillman
Gillman Insurance Group
Steve Gilmer
Adele and Gary Glasser
Francie and Fred Glassman
Gloria and Fred Glusman
Joan Goldman
Karen and Steven Goldstein
Doris and Martin Goldstein
Ellen and Paul Goldstein
Shirley and Robert Goldwasser
Melissa and Ronald Goodman

Jacqueline and Theodore Grau
Lisa and Seth Greenberg
Zhenia Greszes
Ruby Grossblatt
Ralph Grosswald
Janet and Ben Gurwitch
Renee and Steven Haas
Sally Hale
Robin and Richard Halpern
Benjamin Halpern
Sharon and Stanley Harris
Amy and Paul Harris
Anna and Noah Hartman
Deborah and Sandy Hartman
Shelley and Thomas Hartnett
Elisa and Morris Hartstein
Susan and Ronald Heidt
Joan and David Herskovits
Suzie Herzberg
Horowitz Family Foundation, Inc.
Joyce Howard
Shayna and Morgan Howard
Stella Iroff
Leslie and Douglas Isenberg
Nancy and Joel Isenberg
Betty and Richard Isenberg
Simone Iteld
Nancy Jacobs
Betty R. Jacobson
Adina and Jeff Jagoda
Marci and Darren Joel
Lynette and Malcolm Joel
Sheila and Ron Jutan
Sharon and Sami Kabalo
Lieb J. Kaminsky
Lizanne R. Kaminsky
Sandra and Charles Kaplan
Alice O. Kaplan
Glenda and Alan Kaplan
Sally and Philip Kaplan
Philip Karlick
Yael and Rabbi Hayyim Kassorla
Monica Katz
Fred Katz
Robert Killip
Joan and Stephen King
Judith Kirzner
Wendy and David Klarman
Stacey and Mitchell Kopelman
Leslie and Larry Krasner
Phyllis Kurtzman
Linda and Kerry Landis
Jamie Leaf
Jennie Leff
Frances and Marvin Lefkoff
Jane Ross Leitz
Linda Lesack
Dale and Kenneth Levenstiem
Barbara Lincoln
Elaine Lipschitz
Neville Lipschitz
Nathan Lubin
Jennifer and Doron Lubinsky
Judith and Wayne Macktinger
Macy's Foundation
Mark Madans
Edye Mahaffey
Sharon and Warren Mann
Elise Eplan and Robert Marcovitch
Sandra and Charles Marcus
Charlotte and Joel Marks
Edward Martin
Amy and Morris Maslia
Steve Massell
Cindy and Frederic May
Cindy Maynard
Greg McMahan
Chris McMichael
Rebecca McMullan
Gail and Butch Medwed
Cathy L. Mendel
Dena Mendelson
Elana and Geoffrey Menkowitz
Shirley Middleton
Shelley and Louis Milakofsky
Carol and Bart Miller
Linda Miller
Pamela Brill and Marc Miller
Meta and Paul Miller
Assia Miller
Shana Minkin
Glenda and David Minkin
Moore & Reese, LLC
Jennie and Macy Moret
Jonathan Nelson
Carol and Robert Nemo
Chaya and Rabbi Isser New
Rhoda and Milton Nichaman
North Point Underwriters, Inc.
Myra and Robert Oberman
Sandra and Stanley Olstein
Mildred and Arnold Olstein
Dana and Philip Olstein

Tzvi Oratz
Susan and David Orloff
Maia Knispel and Jon Owens
Elaine and Sheldon Palefsky
Gail and Stephen Palte
Wendy J. Parker
Helene and Mark Popowski
Sarah Popowski
Nathan Posner
Lynne R. Rabinowitz
Linda and Irvin Rabinowitz
Barbara Boyan and Don Ranly
Brenda Rappaport
Ann and Hugh Rawn
Jim Reed
Robyn and Allan Regenbaum
Bruce Reisman
Amy Robinovitz
Debbie M. Rochester
Samuel Rochester
Brooke and Brad Rosen
Josh Rosenberg
Marcia Rosenberg
Rosalie and Carl Rosenthal
Phyllis H. Rosenthal
Barbara and Phillip Rosing
Rhonda Rothman
Elsie Rothstein
Dana Rouillard
Anne S.Rubin
Marcie Rubin
Denise and Robert Rusiecki
Anat and John Russell
Chana and Yechiel Saiman
Fran and David Salsburg
Daphne and Howard Schechter
Marcy and Arnold Schneider
Lora and Harold Schroeder
Fredell and Ron Schwartz
Michael Schwarz
Karen and Craig Senft
Marshall Serwitz
Anne Shapiro
Judy and Stanley Sherman
Lauren Sherman
David Siegel
Faye and Irwin Siegel
Siegel Insurance, Inc.
Dan Silk
Myrna and Arnie Silverman
Sharon and Howard Silvermintz
Lisa Sinicki
Rebecca and Meir Skoczylas
Lisa and Sam Solomon
Jaron Solomon
Susan and Richard Solomon
Sherri and Morris Soriano
Rhena and Jay Spector
Talya Gorsetman and Rabbi Adam Starr
Ellen K. Stein
Ray Stern
Tamar and Mark Stern
Janet Kodras and Bruce Stiftel
Holly and Steven Strelzik
Betty and Alan Sunshine
Avigail and Yehudah Susson
Debra and Alex Swan
Jim Taffel
Robyn and Martin Tanenbaum
Hilda and Raymond Tenenbaum
Shirley and Stanley Tenenbaum
Scott Teverino
Robin and Evan Torch
John T. Tressler
Allyson and Samuel Tuck
Miriam Udel
Kim and Marc Urbach
Susan and William Usdan
Debbie and Mark Viness
Dena and Stanley Vogel
Leslie and Fred Wachter
Ronit Walker
Scott Walsey
Ilana and Adee Weismark
Howard Weiss
Nancy and David Weissmann
Shirley and Donald Wender
Sharon and David Westerman
Deborah Wilder
Barbara and Frank Wilensky
Pamela and Jack Williams
Linda and Rabbi Marc Wilson
Roslyn S. Winston
Pepi and Alan Wolkin
Caryn and Naftali Yair
Felicia Young
Ellen Zaglin
Tziona and Leon Zalkow
Ilene and Steven Zier


Sharona and Ramin Asherian
Yaira and Avi Auz
Debbie and Rabbi Menachem Bornstein
Janet and Richard Brody
Myra Brill
Rachel and Rabbi Lee Buckman
Rebecca and Jason Butcher
Susan and David Capilouto
Sherry and Eric Chesler
Edye and Lee Cohen
Tami and Steven Cohen
Michele and Todd Cohen
Bonnie Cook
Robyn and Steve Cooper
Penny Eisenstein
Dinah and Jonathan Farazmand
Sheli and Samuel Feldman
Vicki and Barry Flink
Scott Forbus
Shoshana and Andrew Geller
Stella and Larry Gordon
Tracey and Sammy Grant
Suzanne and Jonathan Sears
Ester and Danny Hagigi
Carla and Joey Hotz


Beth and Craig Intro
Elisheva and Betzalel Johns
Crysta and Kyle Johnson
Luanne and Samuel Johnson
Judy and Larry Kaminsky
Marci Kaplan and Joseph Barnet
Yochoved and Rabbi Aaron Karp
Yael and Justin Katz
Jennifer and Adam Klein
Devi and Daniel Knapp
Debra and Eric Kraar
Liora and Sherwin Krug
Cheryl and Rabbi Mark Kunis
Michelle and Stuart Langer
Felice G. Lefkove
Helane D. Levy
Leah and Rabbi Eric Levy
Susan and Johannes Loubser
Devorah and Bradley Lowenstein
Robin S. Maginsky
Diane and Matthew Marks
Sylvia Miller
Goly and Mordechai Nafisi
Carla M. Nixon
Marjorie and H. Pierre
Emily and Daniel Pullman


Susan and Israel Robinson
Jennifer Rosenberg
Phyllis and Mark Rosenthal
Jill and Robert Rosner
Franeen Sarif
Miriam and Daniel Saul
Hilly and Zvika Simchony
Gail Skolsky
Andrea and Ken Smith
Shari and Marc Sokol
Anita and Jeffrey Stein
Rabbi Samuel Strauss
Leah and Harold Summers
Judith and Barry Swartz
Susan Swartzberg
Sarah and David Topper
Renee Treisman and Arn Rubinoff
Helen Tritschler
Christina M. Valenti
Evie and Rabbi Lewis Weinreich
Dona and David Wise
Dawit Woldetsadik
Jennifer Zindler
Lenore and Steve Zisser
Aileen and Oded Zyssman


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