Chag Urim Sameach!

December 14, 2017
26 Kislev 5778

Dear AJA Community,

Chag Sameach! Chanukah is underway. The dreidels are spinning, the gelt and latkes are a’ plenty … oh, and there is the beautiful light. The light I’m referring to is not only the beauty that emanates from the Chanukiah, it is also the light I see all around me everyday at school.

In the spirit of Chanukah, and the concept of sharing light with the world, here is some of the light that has been shared at AJA over the year.

My Chanukiah:

1st Candle - Students. At this time of year, I am grateful for the gift of our children being fully-immersed in Judaism - they live, think, talk, see, taste and soak in all that it means to be Jewish. I am constantly amazed at their growth and the middot and social-emotional growth I see in them.

2nd Candle - Faculty and Staff. The heart and soul of this school. These talented and incredibly hard working folks turn this building into more than a physical structure. They transform it into a home for our students to embrace their General and Judaic Studies education, connection to Israel and appreciation for our culture.

3rd Candle - Parents, Grandparents & Families. As I’ve said before, the lessons we teach about chesed and connection must not end at our front door. I’m grateful for the parents and grandparents who continue those lessons at home - and who partner with us and share special school events and programs with us to show their support for the school and their children.

4th Candle - Administrators. These folks are a bit behind the scenes, and they keep the school running like a finely tuned machine. They are here day and night to support all that we offer at the school. I feel fortunate to work closely with such a talented team. I would be lost without them.

5th Candle - Volunteers and PTSA. It’s a thankless job, I know! You all have spent countless hours helping teachers, speaking to classes, chaperoning events, preparing challahs, creating teacher appreciation days, etc etc etc! Most do not know who you are AND we couldn’t do this without your help!

6th Candle - Our Donors. A private school cannot run on tuition alone. We rely on the generous support of you, our donors (including our faculty, staff and parents!) to allow us to offer this depth and breadth of classes and programs. The generosity of our angels leaves me - at times - speechless (and that is no easy task!)

7th Candle - Our Board of Trustees. Another thankless job! The hours are numerous and...we are lucky to have a committed and very diverse group of Board Members who are so dedicated to AJA.

8th Candle - The Community. Outside our building and behind the scenes, there are a slew of organizations and groups, Rabbis and congregations who we have worked with to continue creating our committed connected community. I’m grateful for their support.

Thank you for sharing your light with us!

May the lights of Chanukah bring happiness to you and your family!  חנוכה שמח

Chag Urim Sameach!

Rabbi Ari Leubitz

Parashat Miketz
The Halls Are Buzzing...


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