Foundation For Our Future Capital Campaign


The Atlanta Jewish Academy has launched a $12 million capital campaign to bring the Upper School and a competition gym onto our beautiful Sandy Springs campus, creating a single preschool – 12th grade institution. 
AJA's Foundation For Our Future Capital Campaign means that our students will have a world class academic home in which to grow, learn, explore and prepare to take on tomorrow's challenges. AJA continues to build on its success, with increased enrollment, a learning environment that ignites passion, and boundless spiritual energy from our students. The Board of Trustees is confident that all the pieces are coming together for AJA as we envision a school of excellence in a state of the art facility. We will be sharing project updates with you as we progress in both the campaign and construction, but we especially look forward to celebrating the new AJA with you at our side.
AJA is now a reality. Our new upper school doors are open! Now we must finish our campus plan and build our competition gym. It will be a landmark on the site and a highlight of the new campus. It will feature a competition basketball court, two volleyball courts, a wrestling room and weight room, men’s and women’s locker rooms, visitor lounges, the athletic director’s office and a snack bar accessible inside and outside from the field. Our $3.5 million goal is in sight, but we cannot do it without you. Make your gift today, and take pride in the knowledge that you are ensuring every student is developing a healthy mind and body at AJA.

Make your gift today, and take pride knowing that you are building the home for future generations of leaders in our Jewish community and beyond. With your help, nothing can stand in our way.


For More information about the Atlanta Jewish Academy Capital Campaign and to make your contribution today, please contact Natasha Lebowitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Naming Opportunities

Opportunity Amount Status
Name of School  $10,000,000  
Gym $3,500,000  
Name of Upper School $3,000,000  
Campus $2,000,000  
Middle School  $1,500,000  
Dramatic Arts Program $1,000,000  
Bet Midrash $1,000,000  
Gym Court Floor $1,000,000  
Performing Arts Auditorium $750,000 Reserved
Strategic Learning Center $750,000 Reserved
 Grand Entrance Lobby $300,000 Reserved
US Student Commons  $300,000 Reserved
ECD Playground Renovation $250,000  
Gym Lobby $250,000  
Lower/Middle Playscape Area $200,000  
Soccer Field  $200,000 Reserved
Chemistry Science Lab  $180,000 Reserved
Physics Science Lab $150,000 Reserved
Art Studio  $150,000  
Student Locker Area $150,000  
Wrestling Room $150,000  
Teacher Breakroom $125,000  
Beit Midrash Mechitza $118,000  
Makers Lounge $100,000 Reserved
Biology Science Lab  $100,000 Reserved
Ark $100,000 Reserved
Music Room $100,000  
Weight Room  $100,000  
Community Room  $100,000  
Bet Midrash Reading Table  $75,000 Reserved
Classroom Adjacent to Bet Midrash (2) $75,000 each  
Elevator $50,000  
Ner Tamid (eternal light) $50,000 Reserved
Gym Scoreboards $50,000  
Study Rooms Inside Learning Commons (2) $50,000 each Reserved (1)
General & Judaic Classrooms (8) $50,000 each Reserved (1)
Gym Women's Locker Room $50,000  
Gym Men's Locker Room $50,000  
Athletic Director's Office $25,000 Reserved
Principal's Office $25,000 Reserved
Administration Office $25,000 Reserved
Conference Room $25,000 Reserved
Outdoor Patio $25,000  
Gym Visitors Lounge 1 $25,000  
Gym Visitors Lounge 2 $20,000  
Teacher's Lounge  $20,000 Reserved
Technology Office  $20,000 Reserved
Gym Concession Stand  $20,000 Reserved
Reception Desk $20,000 Reserved
Gym Bleachers $18,000  
Judaic Studies Principal's Office $18,000  
Teacher Work Room $18,000 Reserved
Counselor's Office $18,000 Reserved
Israeli Guidance Office $18,000 Reserved
AP Office $18,000 Reserved
Student Council Office $15,000 Reserved
Mezuzah (55) $10,000 each Reserved 21