Faculty & Staff

Administratively, our school is currently separated into four sections: Early Childhood (Preschool through Kindergarten), Lower School (1st - 4th Grade),  Middle School (5th - 8th Grade), and Upper School (9th - 12th Grade). We all reside on one campus! The administrative staff includes Rabbi Ari Leubitz, Head of School; Franeen Sarif, Executive Director; and our Instructional Leaders; John Wilson, Upper School; Dr. Missy Rivner, Middle School; Leah Summers, ECD; Diane Marks, LS and Matthew Blumenthal M'silot Program; Debbie Bornstein, Judaic Studies (Lower and Middle School); Rabbi Allan Houben, Judaic Studies (Upper School); and Joel Rojek, General Studies (Upper School).
10th Grade British Literature

There are over 125 faculty members in the ECD, Lower School, and Middle School.
All full-time teachers have either a Bachelor's or specialist degree in their respective field of instruction. Additionally, more than half of our teachers have Master's degrees.

There are 25 faculty members in the Upper School. The General Studies faculty consists of twenty certified staff members, including six Doctorates, two with Specialist Degrees, and ten with Master’s Degrees. Our Judaic Studies department consists of twelve members, of whom seven have Master’s Degrees, one Doctorate, and eight are ordained rabbis.

We have an experienced faculty. Our faculty is one of varying ages and backgrounds with one commonality - a love of teaching your children. There's a culture of sharing and mentoring between teachers who have been here a long time and those younger teachers who bring new ideas and extra energy to our school. The typical AJA teacher has been teaching for an average of 18 years, with 9 of those years having been spent here.

We are truly a "Family". A distinguishing feature of AJA and its faculty is its relationship with the Jewish community of Metropolitan Atlanta. Many of our students' parents attended GHA or YA before the schools merged. Several AJA teachers are alumni, and nearly 30 alumni currently have their children enrolled at AJA. In addition, we have several faculty members with children in the school. This history, together with our commitment to relationships, Am Yisrael, and kindness, combine to form a 'family' identity among students, parents and staff.